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I wanted to do a search on this community because I'm pretty sure this has come up before, but there's no search function, not even for tags.

I've been alerted to a Photobucket account that has an image loaded into it stolen from my MySpace that the user is (apparently) claiming as their own. It's the only photo that I didn't watermark because it's my profile's a self portrait OF ME. Anyway, I am following Photobucket's recommended steps for contacting them regarding stolen copyrighted material, but I want to contact the user as well. Can anyone point me in the direction of a template for a letter/e-mail that requests removal of copyrighted material? Something that says, "Hey you thief, that's mine. Take it down and make your own damn art," but in nice, professional terms :)


P.S., if anyone else wants to take a look at the account and verify their own work hasn't been pilfered as well (I'm fairly certain most, if not all of the images in the account are stolen), here's the link, and the photographer's handle is Bittersweet Captures Photography (so you can un-friend them on MySpace, Facebook, etc).
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