steffi. (conformistsheep) wrote in photopros,

Colours online vs. Photoshop.

I have a colour related question and hopefully this is an okay forum to post it in.

I made my image's colours look exactly the way i wanted them in Photoshop (CS3) and in my finder (mac) it looks right as well. However, as soon as it goes online - email, Photobucket, Livejournal and Facebook - Firefox and Safari - the colours are super faded. Obviously this is not a monitor calibration thing, because i'm using the very same computer. I've tested the image on another computer by emailing it (haven't tested by transporting it via flash drive yet) and it's faded.

Question: Is there something that happens to colours when you upload a photo onine? There've been a few images i thought were darker when i uploaded them and washed out, but not to this extent so far. Also, usually it was a matter of looking at it online on a different monitor than on the one i set up the image on. So my assumptions where around monitor calibration?

If anyone can shed some light on this, no pun intended, that would be awesome!
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