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This open community is for people who want to actively pursue the trade of professional photography either full-time or freelance. The object of this community is to have an open forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge that can help you earn a living from your photography or earn you enough money to buy more photo gear.

Anything related to the business of photography is welcome here. Job leads, publication tips, tricks of the trade, studio ideas and whatever news or information that would be of interest to working photographers.

For Sale & Trade postings for photographic related merchandise are also allowed. Anything photography related...equipment, software, studio props, film, books etc.
Please do not repeat postings for 7 days. Abusive for sale postings & spams will be deleted.

Image postings are only welcome if posted in conjunction with a conversation about how you are earning money or desire to earn money with the image. Please no "what do you think" postings of random images. There are numerous communities on LiveJournal for posting your general photography work for critiques. This should be an easy enough concept to understand for a community designed to be a discussion forum about business ideas for professional photographers. If an image posting is deemed by the moderator to be off-topic it will be deleted.

All image formats are acceptable: film, digital, Polaroid. Also any type of manipulation is acceptable: digitally enhanced, traditional darkroom etc.

Image Submission Guidelines

  • Image postings MUST BE RELATED TO A BUSINESS DISCUSSION. If not they will be deleted.
  • Sizing: If the image width exceeds 500 and the height exceeds 600 please put it behind an lj-cut tag. If this simple request is ignored the post will be removed.
  • Do not post more that 1 photo without a lj-cut.
  • Do not post somebody else's images without their consent and credit. If you have aspirations to be a pro understand this now. If you are a pro you already understand this.
  • Do not disable comments or link comments to your journal only.
  • Please put nudes behind an lj-cut tag.
  • Promotional posts for other photography related communities are welcome..just be reasonable and limit it to one post a week.

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